Monday, November 11, 2013

30 days of thankful- all in one!

In light of all the thankful posts on Facebook, I decided to just do a blog post about it. I figure this way its easier to go back and look at when I need to remember to count my blessings! :)

I have gotten A LOT better about realizing I am blessed, I have a good life- but, there are still those days where I feel like the world is against me and nothing goes right.

I am very blessed, so I am going to try to limit this to 30, since that is the idea of the Facebook version. Then I don't go on all day! :)

1- I am beyond blessed to have a smart, healthy, happy, well behaved, handsome little boy. He came into my world when I didn't think I was ready, and made me a better person from the start. Looking back, I can see why God did things the way he did and I wouldn't change a thing! K has his daddy's brain. his mommy's attitude, and a combination of our looks that makes him the most handsome thing I could possibly imagine!

2- The second best thing to have ever happened to me (or tied for first), my amazing husband. He works so hard so that I can have the privilege of staying home and taking care of our son, and home. He is so ambitious, has so many dreams, and works hard to achieve them. He wants nothing more than to see K and I happy and that is an awesome trait to find in a person. He is stubborn as all get out, but that is part of what makes him so special. He has taught me to hold my own, stick up for myself, and not blame myself in every situation that goes wrong. He reminds me on the days I am struggling to see how things will work, that they always do no matter what. Most of all, he loves me no matter what, and THAT is a miracle in itself :)

3- My mother in law. She is the best nana K could possibly ask for, the most supportive mother B could ask for, and an inspiration to all of us of strength. She has been an ear for all of our frustration, even when she is struggling herself. She has lost so much, but continues to see the blessings she has in front of her. She has been through so much, in such a short time, and continues to laugh and smile through it. Rather than be bitter about the bad, she smiles and remembers the good memories. I can't imagine having her strength, but I certainly will do my best to learn from her!

4- My late father in law. He was my biggest supporter. He never let me believe I was any less than the best I could be. On my worst day, I think back on all of the times he would tell me I was doing my best and that I was doing wonderful. Never has anyone supported me the way he did, and that is one of my biggest blessings. He gave me a better sense of humor, and made us laugh constantly- he is still making us laugh from the other side! He raised my husband to be the hardworking, loving, stubborn, man he is and I couldn't ask for anything better! He was the most amazing papa to K. He has given us all such amazing memories. When we miss him so much, we can look back and laugh, and we know we have the most bad a$$ guardian angle anyone could ask for! For that, I will be forever thankful!

5- My father. He worked his butt off to support 3 high maintenance girls. Even when he was struggling, he never once let us know he was having a hard time and he smiled through it all. He gave all of us girls everything we wanted, and would still do almost anything for the 3 of us. He has given me my OCD, stubborn personality. He gave us so many fantastic memories of biking, game nights, movie nights, sound effects, and songs. He pushed us to be better, and has always offered the best advice. Even if we don't listen at first, we see in the end he was right. We have been through a lot together, fought, loved, laughed, cried. I wouldn't change a thing because it has brought us here.

6- My sisters. We are so different, yet so similar. We have been blessed enough to have each other through many moves in elementary school, through our parents divorce, and even now when things just don't always line up. We argue, we disagree, we have beaten each other, we have screamed and yelled at each other, but at the end of the day we have become amazing friends. I love that I can rely on them when I need them. We can treat each other wrong, but trust we will be forgiven and loved. A relationship with a sister is a special relationship and I wouldn't have it any other way!

7- The rest of my family :) I am blessed to still be close to a lot of our family. I don't always see eye to eye to them, they don't always treat me right, and vice versa- but we are lucky enough to have a large family and I love that K is now able to become closer to them also.

8- A roof over my head. We are so blessed to be able to afford a clean, safe, happy environment to live. We don't have to stress about how we are going to pay the rent, and we are able to put money away for our dream home. We are blessed to be able to do all of this at the same time. A year and a half ago if you would have asked me my thoughts on this, I would have had a much more negative attitude. Once again, however, I have seen the plan God has for us unraveling and I love it!

9- I am thankful we are able to afford good, healthy food and, once again, not worry about how we are going to purchase it. I can go to the grocery store, wrack up a huge bill, and other than my flippin' buyers remorse when I see the bill, we don't have to think twice about it. We always have food in the cupboards; we always have milk in the fridge; and if we want we are able to go out to dinner on a whim without a second thought. We are blessed!

10- The struggles in our lives. We have been through so much, in such a short time. We have lost a father, grandfather, grandmother, dog; been a victim of scam; dealt with a million frustrations; and still at the end of the day we have each other. Every single struggle we have been through, whether it be together, or in our own lives before coming together, it has made us who we are and brought us to where we are. We have never been closer than we are now, as a family, and for that I am forever thankful. It was a lot of hurt getting to this point, and I am sure it isn't over, but I say bring it on! We can handle it and we will always come out on top!

11- Our amazing friends. I have few friends in my life that I can really rely on. We have a great time when we are together, we are able to listen to each other, understand each other, and not go telling the world about what is going on. We have become more adult together, but we are able to let go once in a while and act like we are 21 :) They have inspired us to become better people. We are able to bounce ideas off each other and learn. I am not going to list names, but I think our good friends know who they are  :)

12- Reliable transportation, and a husband that knows how to work on vehicles or has "connections". :) We have never had to wonder if our car will get us from point "A" to "B". We have never spent an arm and a leg on fixing our vehicles, and never have to wonder how we are going to pay to fix them. It is something we often take for granted!

13- An amazing job for my husband. He has never been happier at a place of employment, and he is blessed to have pretty good job security. I adore that we don't have to worry about him having a job. They are a close group, and we have made some good friends through that place. I have a happy husband when he comes home that doesn't have to stress too much about what is going on at work. That is such a blessing!

14- My best friend, and cousin, B! We don't always see eye to eye, but that's okay. We understand each other. We have grown from being 2 in the same, to 2 VERY different people. We have so much in common, yet we differ. We are quick to forgive and see the other's side. We can be frustrated with each other, but we TALK IT OUT, and see the other's side. On our worst days we know we can call each other up and they will make us feel better. It's the most special relationship, because we have been through everything in our lives together. (Other than that stupid point in our lives that we rarely mention :P)

15- K's school. I hear so many scary or negative things about schools these days. It is so nice to send my son to school and not have to worry about his safety. He has learned SO MUCH, and enjoys going every day. I have not met one teacher, assistant, or parent there that I don't enjoy. It is a big part of why we are staying in the town that we moved to temporarily. I can't imagine sending him anywhere else!

16- Our health. It sounds cheesy, but it is a blessing. I am so blessed to be able to workout when I want to and not worry about joints, bones, heart... K has been so lucky to have so many minor illnesses, and every time B goes to the doctor he is told they can't believe how healthy he is. We are so blessed to be in good health and not have to worry about it day to day. We whine about getting colds, but it could be so much worse!

17- We are able to go out and have some fun! We are so lucky to be able to afford to go to a show, or go have a few drinks with friends, or go away for a weekend. It is another thing we take for granted, but we are so blessed to be able to enjoy ourselves and let lose. Not only can we afford it, we have a safe place for our son to go when he doesn't go with us. He would much rather be there than with us sometimes, and so we know we don't have a thing to worry about when we leave.

18- Our free country. It is something we don't often think about. We are so lucky to be able to go out to the store, go to school, go to work, go to church, pray at a restaurant, go play at the park and not have to worry about it! It's so nice going to do all these things and not worrying about our safety. We know at the end of the day we will return home.

19- The 4 seasons. I am one of the crazies that loves everything about every season. I will take the heat in the summer; I will take the freezing cold in winter. I love the changing of the leaves, even the brown, I love the colorful flowers in the spring. I am blessed to live in an area where we get the best of all the seasons. The coziness in the winter, the business of the summer, the fresh air and open windows for the first time in the spring, the cooling days in the autumn. It is all a wonderful gift from God, and I consider myself blessed to be able to enjoy it all!

20- The places we have lived. We moved quite a few times growing up. We hated it. We had to leave friends, family, the place we were finally comfortable in. Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing. We got to see some fantastic places, and meet some amazing people. It has made me realize how lucky I am to live where I do, but I am glad I got to live where I have.

21- Hear me out on this one.... Facebook. Now, before you think of me as some social media addict (which I may be guilty as charged) I have a very good reason for being thankful for this. I love that I am able to keep in contact with friends of the past, and family that lives far away. I love that I can easily share photos, stories, and thoughts with everyone, and get the same from them. It has brought friends from many of our moves back into my life, and family we hadn't seen or talk to in years. It's a fantastic thing!

22- Our hobbies. I love that we are able to do so many different things, and I love that we, as a family, get to enjoy the together. From classic and fast cars, to RC racing, to camping, to DIY projects- we get to do so many things and we enjoy doing them all TOGETHER as a family!

23- Peaceful time alone. I love my family; I love being together. I HATE sending my boys off to their "other lives" come Monday- but, I LOVE that I get a little time to myself. I love my coffee on Monday morning in peace. I can collect my thoughts, relax, and prepare myself for the week. After an hour or two I am ready to have everyone back together, but that peace and quiet is something I will never take for granted!

24-My husbands family. His grandparents were the most amazing example of what a marriage should be. They were loving, and supportive to each other. They lived a Christ centered marriage that was so amazing. They were amazing grandparents to him, accepting to me, and such fantastic great grandparents to K. His aunt and uncle have accepted me as family also, and love all of us so much. His family is a big blessing in such a small package. I am so lucky to be a part of it!

25- Holidays. I am a holiday FREAK! I love every single holiday and make a huge deal of them. It brings family together, and gives us a reason to celebrate. I love the decorations of all the holidays, the excitement. I will never grow too old to enjoy any holiday.

26- Birthdays. Another thing I make a huge deal of. Why? Because we are so unbelievably blessed to be celebrating them. You are never guaranteed next year, so I love the fact that we can celebrate THIS year. I never go into a birthday thinking "holy cow I am another year closer to 30". I go into it thinking "holy cow I am still here!". Yes, it is so hard to watch your babies grow, but I love the fact that I am watching mine grow! Every birthday makes me excited for the future, and treasure the past!

27- Laughter. Our family is never lacking in laughter. We are so lucky to have been brought up with a sense of humor, both B and I, and be able to pass that on to K. There is never a day that we don't have tears from laughing about something in this family.

28- Hot water, and electric. Something we rarely think about while using, but man am I so happy to be able to sit here watching television, typing on the computer. Later, when I get done with my workout I get to hop into a hot shower and relax. Cheesy, yes, but something I need to often remember we are lucky have!

29- This isn't a cop out:)- but, I am thankful for the private moments in life. I am thankful for the moments we have been through as a family, or with our friends, or in our marriage that we don't openly speak of and we keep between us. I think the little secrets in life bring you closer together and give you a special connection. I am blessed to have those moments in life!

30- My religion. It is not something I talk about enough, nor practice as I should- but, I am so happy to have been brought up to know Jesus as my savior. I am saved, I know I am saved. I know where I am headed when my life here on Earth is done. I know I will be able to see those that I miss again someday. It is something that brings me peace on my worse days. I am so lucky to have such a forgiving Father in Heaven!

Remember, today, and everyday; this month, and the months following; if you have a list, look back at it now and then. It's so easy to take for granted, or forget all of our blessings. Each of us has so many blessings, big and small!

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