Monday, November 4, 2013

And it begins

To begin, I should introduce myself. I am a stay at home mom of one elementary aged son. I have an amazing husband that is able to support the three of us. We are a high maintenance family, working on living a more natural, low maintenance life. This isn't easy, and in our journey to do this I have been following quite a few different blogs of all different lifestyles. A few weeks ago, while doing some reading, and looking through Facebook news feeds, I noticed something - something that I found to be very discouraging. I felt as if I wasn't doing enough. I have unfinished projects all over the house; I use unhealthy cleaning products all over my house, because I don't trust the "natural ones" to kill the germs I am SO unbelievably afraid of in my home. I still buy bread, even though I have the time to make my own. I have packaged granola bars, even though I have time to make those as well. The pins I have made on Pinterest have piled up, and I have yet to use most of them. Why? Because I have either been too busy, or too lazy, or both. Then I look over and I see Ms. DoItAll on her blog posting about how she has started home schooling her kids, while raising animals on her farm, and baking all of her own food, and cleaning with all natural stuff, and I think to myself, "How can I not keep up?! I have all day to myself. My husband works and my son is in school, and yet I can't find time to finish these projects and bake my own stuff from scratch and keep a perfect house!" All these thoughts led to more thoughts - thoughts on starting a blog about my very imperfect life, and my journey to a better one. I have big aspirations of someday doing it all, but I want to do so HAPPILY. I don't want to feel stressed, and as if I have to keep up with every "perfect" person out there. I want to realize that I am HUMAN. I make mistakes. Not every recipe I try is going to come out perfectly, not every craft I attempt is going to look like I bought it at Pier 1. My house is going to be dusty and germy and messy at times. I am going to have lazy days where I accomplish NOTHING, and that is OKAY!

In this Pinterest, organic, fast paced world we live in I feel as all of us need to realize we are human and can only accomplish so much. So, here I begin my journey of sharing my very bumpy road to a better life with you all. I hope in my journey you find inspiration and hope for yourself. I wish for you to share your imperfections as well; and when something IS perfected I hope we can all rejoice in that fact together. We all need a reality check from day to day, and I look forward to all of us finding that here together!

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